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Here you will find everything we do relating to Magick and the like.  We have a High Priest on staff that has been teaching Occultism in all of its forms for roughly 10 years.  Our prices are competitive and the quality of our products is beyond comparison.  Below you will find a short list of some of the services we offer and some of these items may be found here in our Products page.

There are common misconceptions about Magick and how it works.  We strive to make believers out of skeptics and to ensure that any who practice the Arts know what they are doing.  We offer all of our services in this area on both an individual and group base.  You have the choice of having a private session or or a party.  Imagine gathering with your friends for Psychic Parties and having your palms read.  Picture the look on your friend's face when the cards are turned over to reveal their futures.  Just moved into a new home?  Seen too many scary movies like The Conjuring?  Take a preemptive measure and have the house blessed.  Do you think you may already have an infestation?  Buy one of our Spell Candles that will take care of that for you!  Do you follow the Wiccan Religion?  If you just had a baby, get a Wiccaning Ceremony.  That is basically a baptism for a child in the Wiccan faith.  When the child turns 16, We can even perform their Ritual of Ascension.  All of this and more are available to you.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns or need a service that you don't see here such as Banishings and Exorcisms, feel free to contact us here or call us at 732-963-2285.

Tarot Card Reading in Person:                                                                       $25

Tarot Card Reading over the Phone:                                                              $20

(30 minutes session)

Spell Candles:                                                                                                 Range in Price from $5-$25 depending on size

Blessing an Item:                                                                                            $25

Blessing a Home:                                                                                           $50

Lessons (Individual Students):                                                                     $50 per Lesson

Lessons (Groups of 5 or more):                                                                    $25 per Person per Lesson

Classes (Paid in Full Upfront, 15 sessions):                                             $675 per Person

Classes By Level (5 Classes each, paid in full,                                         $225 per Person

                            3 Levels:  Novice, Intermediate and Advanced)

Potions (per Vial):                                                                                             $15

Potions (per Batch):                                                                                         $50

Psychic Readings:                                                                                           $30

Wiccaning/Ascension:                                                                                     $25

Paranormal Investigation                                                                              Prices Vary*

* Depending on the case and if paranormal activity is found.  If no activity is found a $50 fee will be charged for the service.  In the event that activity is found the cost of service will be based on cost of solution as determined by both P3 Services and the respective client.                             

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